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  Foam Applications

Passive, efficient, cost-effective protection against ballistic attack.

Manufacture and Design:
Foam is processed, shaped, cut, and formed to meet customer requirements.

Weights and Dimensions:
Standard foam densities include 1.8 lbs/ft3 and 2.5 lbs/ft3. Other densities are available. Limitless dimensions.

Our Quality Control Management System is certified to AS9100B 
| see certificate here (pdf) |

Separates the fuel cell from sparks, displaces oxygen and explosive vapors, lightweight, provides structural support, slows shrapnel, fire-retardant, resists damage by moisture and most solvents.

Easy Maintenance:
Repair and replacement is quick and convenient. Customer requests for replacement parts are rapidly met.

Since 1990, our foam has been protecting United States military aircraft around the world.


Foam-filled bays indicated in red.

Bell ARH

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