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  SSI Facility Overview

Survival Systems International (SSI) consists of 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space with 5 separate buildings on a 6.5 acre site.

SSI is accredited to AS9100B | certificate |. An on site test lab is used to ensure compliance with all quality requirements. The major oil producing companies, aerospace prime contractors, and the United States Coast Guard have audited our quality system.

SSI’s customer service philosophy focuses on consistently maintaining long term contracts while offering the flexibility and responsiveness to meet short term quick turn around needs.

SSI has a reputation of maintaining a goal oriented highly motivated workforce that uses team concepts to bring a customers product to fruition. A general overview of our core manufacturing expertise is outlined below:

  • Composites. Wet lay-up, spray-up, vacuum bag processes, foam spray & shape, bonding, oven curing, & closed molding processes.

  • Weld. MIG, TIG, & Plasma cutting

  • Machine. Conventional lathe, mill, & drill

  • Sheet Metal. Press brake, forming, & shearing

  • Assembly. Major and minor sub-assemblies, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, hydraulic assembly, & final assembly and test.

  • Paint. Preparation of different substrates for application of various coatings

  • Jig & tool. Fabrication of master models, test fixtures, production tooling, jigs, & prototype products.

    (A detailed site plan and equipment list is available upon request)

A sampling of SSI’s customers includes the following companies:


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