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Helicopter Survivability Background
Survival Systems International (SSI) has manufactured Ballistic Foam for helicopter survivability for the past 17 years. Over that time over 75,000 parts have been manufactured for over 1,000 airframes for 6 manufacturers.

SSI is accredited to AS9100B | certificate |. SSI’s quality system has been audited by numerous aircraft manufacturers. SSI is a Designated Quality Representative for Sikorsky. Going beyond quality standards, SSI will work closely with your Quality, Purchasing and Manufacturing Engineering team to meet your requirements.

SSI’s customer service philosophy focuses on consistently maintaining long term contracts while offering the flexibility and responsiveness to meet short term quick turn around needs. SSI worked consistently with Boeing over years to refine what were initially four boxes of parts into today’s Point of Use kits. SSI is sufficiently flexible and responsive with urgent requirements to ship parts on the day the request is made.

SSI’s composite expertise is outlined in the table below:

Ballistic Foam Composite Capabilities Additional Composite Capabilities

  Polyurethane foam spraying
  Polyurethane foam fabrication and shaping
  Polymide foam fabrication and shaping
  Reticulated Polyurethane Foam fabrication and  shaping


  Wet Lay-up
  Vacuum bagging
  Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP)
  Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  Composite bonding
  Closed molding oven curing

Quality Policy
The SSI team is committed to working as a partner with our customers, focused on providing exceptional customer service through quality products and on-time delivery. We strive to achieve this by involving all our employees homogenously throughout the organization, taking pride in our work and building long lasting relationships with our customers, while continually improving our quality management system.



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